Curium Networks, INC is a technology consulting firm committed to delivering high-value solutions.

Curium Networks, INC has 15 years of experience assisting professional offices with their computer needs.  We help offices focus on technology that meets their needs: sensible, dependable, affordable technology. We primarily serve the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area.  Our office is conveniently located just off of 465 North and East 56th Street at 5915 Lawrence Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46226.

We believe that if technology doesn’t meet a real business need then all the gadgets, features, and even the best prices really don’t matter. If your Information Technology isn’t clearly helping you grow your business, serve your customers, and operate more efficiently, then maybe it has become part of the problem instead of the solution.

Curium Networks, INC always seeks the highest standards in all that we do for our clients, associates and community.  We strive to build long-term trusted relationships with clients and to be highly accessible and easy to do work with. Our clients are strategic to our success and we devote full attention to making our clients successful. Clients praise our good attitudes, collaborative style, and the value that we bring to their organizations.

With businesses facing ever increasing costs and time requirements for new product innovation, it is imperative to find technology solutions that are reliable, flexible, and secure. More and more companies are concentrating on their core business competencies and leaving other tasks to those with specific expertise. We offer a customized consulting approach to consistently meet your specific requirements across a broad range of IT products and services. We will collaborate with you and provide flexible, wide-ranging solutions that can help your organization quick move  from initial concept through comprehensive finished solutions.  We assist clients by harmoniously matching their long-term business objectives with today’s current technology solutions.